Types of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

  1. Center Pivot Irrigation: This system comprises a large central pivot anchored at one end of the field. Sprinklers are mounted on the pivot, which rotates around the field, irrigating a circular area. Center pivot irrigation is commonly used for large-scale field crops.

  2. Lateral Move Irrigation: Similar to center pivot systems, lateral move irrigation involves the rotation of sprinklers but along a linear path. Sprinklers are mounted on mobile towers that move along the field, providing coverage as they traverse. Lateral move irrigation is suited for rectangular or irregularly shaped fields.

  3. Traveling Gun Sprinkler: This portable sprinkler system involves a large, high-pressure nozzle mounted on a cart or sled. The system is moved manually or automatically through the field, spraying water over an adjustable radius. Traveling gun sprinklers are suitable for smaller fields or areas where fixed irrigation systems are not practical.

  4. Solid Set Sprinkler System: In this system, sprinkler heads are permanently installed at fixed locations in the field. This type of system requires a network of underground pipes and is commonly used for orchards, vineyards, and permanent crops.